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Department of Pomology


The Department of Pomology in SCAU, one of the oldest disciplines of pomology in China, was established in 1923. The department was approved to award master’s degrees in 1981, and to award PhD degrees in 1996. In 1999, the postdoctoral research workstation was set up. In 2000, the department was awarded the key discipline of Guangdong province, and was rated as excellent level in the evaluation of Guangdong provincial key discipline in 2005. In 2006, the department was awarded the national key discipline.   

After several years of construction and development, the Department of Pomology has already established a high quality teaching staff with reasonable structure and sustainable ability, and consists mainly of the young and middle-aged academic backbone teachers. The faculty number of the department is 21, including 12 professors and 7 associate professors. Our department focuses on satisfying the needs of national and regional fruit tree industrialization development, keeping up with the international frontier hotspots, and solving the scientific and technical problems in the fruit tree industrial of the South China region. The research areas of the department involve different fields including physiology and molecular biology of fruit trees, collection and innovation of germplasm resources, new variety breeding, reproductive biology, physiological ecology, and key technology of fruit standardized safety production. In recent 5 years, the department has undertaken more than 40 research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 948 projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest, the National Key Technology R&D Program and so on.

The Department of Pomology possesses the teaching and research base integrating research & development, teaching, demonstration and extension, which have already become the training base for high level talent of pomology. The department makes great contribution for the development of fruit tree industry and the cultivation of the research personnel.

The teachers of our department actively organize and participate in the academic communication, and have established the academic exchange relationships with many countries and regions, including America, Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Romania, Poland, Israel, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Hongkong and Taiwan. The department systematically sends teachers to go abroad for further study, investigation and cooperative research, and also invites experts and scholars to give lectures in our college.