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First Announcement 2017 China Litchi and Longan Symposium
Mar 31,2017

First Announcement

2017 China Litchi and Longan Symposium

June 27-30, 2017

Venue: Yulin, Guangxi, China

1 Session Program and Notes

(1) Key Dates

First announcement: Mar 15, 2017

Abstract submission deadline: May 20, 2017

Oral presentation and poster submission deadline: May 30, 2017

Registration: 2 pm, June 27, 2017

Symposium: June 28-29, 2017

Field trips: June 30, 2017

(2) Scope of Abstract 

Research on Industry Development

Germplasm Resources and Breeding

Green Production

      Food Safety and Quality

      Labor-Saving Technology and Principle

      Post-Harvest Biotechnology and Technology

      New Material and Production

(3) Format of Abstract

      Title (Chinese and English, or Only English)

      Authors and Affiliations

      Key Words (Less than 5 words)

      Abstract (500 to 800 words)

Notice: Full Paper Would Not Be Accepted

2 Fruit Exhibition of High Grade and New Cultivars

(Cultivars Mainly Located in Guangxi Province)

3 Tools and Implements Exhibition

 (Companies Are Welcome)

4 Visiting of Typical Orchards, Processing Factory and Market

Grafting Technology for Cultivar Replacement (Beiliu, Guangxi)

Efficient Technology for Cultivation (Libao Orchard, Beiliu, Guangxi)

Processing for Litchi and Longan Fruits (Datong Co. Ltd, Beiliu, Guangxi)

 Market for Processed Food (Longxiang Market, Beiliu, Guangxi)

5. Organizers and Sponsors

China Litchi and Longan Research System

Subtropical Crop Center, Ministry of Agriculture

Yulin Agricultural Commission

Yulin Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Institute of Horticulture, Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences

6. Contacts

Mr. Su Zuanxian Tel: +86-20-8528023115011841161 (mobile) email: suzuanxian@126.com