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State Key Discipline- Pomology

Introduced in 1923, the pomology discipline is among the oldest subjects offered at the South China Agricultural University. The master’s and doctoral degree authorization points were awarded to this subject in 1981 and 1996, respectively. In order to develop a primary discipline, the Ministry of Agriculture together with the Guangdong Province organized the “211 Project” in 1998, which incorporated this subject. The subject was assessed as “excellent” in the 2005 discipline evaluation and was certified as a State Key Discipline in 2007.

There are 19 professors, 5 associate professors and 6 lecturers who make up the well-organized and stable teaching staff associated with the pomology discipline and the majority possess PhD degrees. As it evolved over time, the discipline focused on three particular lines of research areas, namely, the germplasm innovation and genetic improvement of south subtropical fruit trees, the growth and quality control of south subtropical fruit trees, and the postharvest scientific and technological aspects of south subtropical fruits.

In the context of the Guangdong Province and the Ministry of Agriculture, the pomology discipline possesses four provincial and ministerial research platforms (Key Laboratory). It undertakes a wide range of scientific projects on behalf of the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Industrial Technology System, the Ministry of Agriculture industry, as well as other research projects at provincial or ministerial level. The discipline has been integrated within progressive pomology research not just at domestic local but also at an international level, since it has received the second-class award of the national science and technology for several of its accomplishments.